During my first year in college, I had a date who asked if I'd like to go with him to take photos...in the woods. Looking back, maybe a trip into the woods with a virtual stranger wasn't a great idea. But it turned out okay. He let me use his camera and from then on, I was hooked. When I pressed the shutter, a surge of excitement coarsed through my body and I couldn't wait to see the photos. To this day, I still get that same feeling. Now though, the wait is mere milliseconds; digital cameras provide instant gratification.
After college, I was a photojournalist for a group of newspapers. Since then, I've been in the communications field (advertising, marketing and publishing), including photography.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


P.S.: the "angel" is Sammy, who was the definition of unconditional love. Unfortunately, Sammy is now in doggy heaven but lives forever in my heart.